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What is Soaptember?

We’ve launched a new campaign for the month of September to encourage people to take small steps towards sustainability. Replacing plastic bottled soaps with bars of soap. Give it a go for month replace your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and handwash with soap bars there’s options available to replace all of the listed situations.

How can I get involved?

We have worked hard this month to create assets for everyone who wants to get involved. To access these please click here to go to asset folders or view the collections below. If you have some ideas for Soaptember we are working with many partners on this campaign so get in touch and we’d to collaborate.

What is our end goal?

There’s two goals we set ourselves when planning and executing the #soaptember campaign…

1// To encourage people to replace plastic bathroom and kitchen products with soap bar alternatives. Corona Virus has taken a huge hit on the fight against plastic waste and we want people to try soap bars to see if it’s something they can continue to use in the future.

2// We set up Emerald Grove Studio to work with businesses that have a positive impact on the environment and/or the public and this is a way we are hoping to do that.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

How to take part

Take a look at our collections and choose one that fits best with your brand! Feel free to post as many or as little throughout the month, the more you post the more we can get the #soaptember out there and hopefully the more people will switch to your beautiful handmade soaps! More assets will be added throughout the month, so remember to check back.

Remember to introduce soaptember to your followers. Within each collection is an image which explains what #soaptember is. Or we have created a more in-depth explainer carousel for instagram and instagram story highlights, which is available here.

We do ask when you post to hashtag #soaptember and tag Emerald Grove Studio.

Instagram: @emeraldgrovestudio
Facebook: @emeraldgrovestudio
Twitter: @emeraldg_studio


The Collections

Handwritten Collection

Hand-written graphics available in pink or green.

Go Green Collection

A collection of bold graphics.

Luxury Collection

Beautiful typographic graphics.

Fourth Collection Coming Soon

A fourth collection is on it’s way!