Motion graphics and animation are now an integral part of a customer journey. You can bring your brand to life in pictures, showing what your product does, how to use it and why choose you in a competitive market. Which is why we really love doing animation, pushing both our and your imagination of what your audience can see.

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The Benefits Of Animation

There are so many reasons to use animation for your business, so we’ve highlighted a few:

1. See your ideas come to life in a way you have not been able to before.
2. Explain you product or service in an understandable way that keeps hold of the viewers attention.
3. Get emotional! Make the viewer really feel and get into the story you are telling, more emotion means more sales.
4. A technical one… Videos on websites increase SEO performance.
5. You can promote anything through animation.
6. Who does not love an animated video? Your clients and customers certainly will.
7. Spread your brand message.

Logo Animation

Add even more personality to your logo with animation. They are perfect to add on videos, animations, social, presentations and  on your website. They grab the viewers attention and help increase your brand recognition. We can create your logo from scratch and animate it as part of the package or we can make your current logo move!

What it costs


A logo animation takes your existing logo up a notch. We can animate an existing logo or one we have created for you. You can use these in presentations, at the start of a video or animation, or even on your social profile. Logo animations can be simple or complex, therefore our prices vary depending on what you need and what you will ultimately use it for.

Prices start from £150


Our animations vary in price as we don’t like to give a flat figure as every job is different and we want you to get the most for your money, therefore we give every client a fully tailored quote depending on your needs. We will ask some question either by email or Skype so we can get a better idea of what you need, for example the message you want to share and how long you need it to be.

Prices start from £800

Need an animation?

We’re here to help you reach your goals. So get in touch and let’s discuss your goals and how we can get you there. We aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

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