Chorrito Hot Sauce

A delicious hot sauce created on our very shores needed a fresh look to go with it’s fresh taste. We worked closely with our client to create a logo that would hold it’s own on a label, whilst also having flexibility to create individuality for the flavours. Keeping the brand bold and simple assists the audience absorb the message, feel and the purchase decision. The branding and package design was created within a month ready for the launch of the clients new social media campaign.

Chorrito hot sauce logo
Dab it on
Chorrito Bottle design
hot sauce icons

Packaging to be proud of

Work with us to create branding and packaging designs that reflect the quality of your product. We will work with you to create a style that demonstrates visually what the user will get out of your product and replicates your brand messaging.

Chorrito two bottles
chorrito hot sauce socil post

Want eco-friendly packaging?

If you want to create more eco-friendly packaging for a new or existing product we can assist in moving your brand forward to be more sustainable. There’s two big reasons for doing this. No.1, It’s better for the planet and No.2, consumers are becoming more and more green motivated when choosing a product, so having environmentally friendly packaging you can help lead the way in your market.

Services that were used​

  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Packaging

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