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Ocean Saver just got rebranded

Designed by Someone In London. This image belongs to Someone in London.

Rebrand of Ocean Saver Pods by Someone In London

I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad someone has done a rebrand, and not just any rebrand they’ve had such a ‘magical’ transformation and I’m sure have gained a new wave of stockists and customers from it.

The idea behind Ocean Saver is simple, you have one bottle for life (they do replace this if it breaks, but you can also use other bottles, that’s the beauty of it!). You simply pop a pod in the reusable bottle, add warm water, shake and wollahhh your full bottle of cleaning fluid is ready. And of course they don’t use plastic in the pod packaging like other brands. 


I’ve been using the Ocean Saver bathroom, kitchen and floor pods for over a year now but only because I was actively looking out for an eco friendly, cleaning product and happened to come across Ocean Saver. It absolutely did not stand out on the supermarket shelf…and the pods are in such small packaging unless you are looking for them, I can’t imagine you would ever notice these little eco friendly wonders. At the time I was so chuffed I’d discovered these but as a designer I was sad that visually they just were not living up to their potential and all the customers that they should be reaching. 

Then all that changed, they hired the brilliant UK based studio Someone In London and in my opinion they’ve created something truly special. They stayed away from the typical eco-friendly look of sustainable start ups (like they originally had) and went full bright, bold, LOOK AT ME packaging with strong influences from the ocean, with the pattern and colours, logo and wildlife imagery they use across social media. They have a brand and beliefs that are so different from their competitors, they well and truly stand out now, and I’m sure will continue to do great things.

Designed by Someone In London. This image belongs to Someone in London.


  1. You only have one bottle for life (think of all the plastic bottles saved.)
  2. The pods come in cardboard packaging.
  3. There is no full bottle of liquid so less carbon is used transporting them because they way less per unit plus you can transport more at one time as they are so small.
  4. The cleaning fluid is plant based so they are kind to the planet.
  5. The brand identity is now AWESOME!

I am still waiting to see the new packaging in my local supermarket but hopefully it will be soon, and more people make the switch to this awesome brand.