100 Logo Challenge of 2020

We love design challenges here at Emerald Grove for getting those creative juices flowing and developing our skills. So for 2020, our launch year, we have decided to set ourselves a year challenge of creating 100 new logos for concept businesses…that’s pretty much 2 a week. 

The Challenge

The main theme of our logos will be centred around concept businesses that are beneficial to the planet and its inhabitants. They will be eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, conservation based and so on… you get the gist! Along the way (as a year is a long time) we might throw in a random theme for a month, just to get our brains working in a different direction and see where it goes. Sometimes we will both (Briony + Danny) create a logo and put in on social media for you to vote for your favourite, others we will take it in turns to create a logo that week. We will animate some of them or even turn them into packaging designs to show what we can do with them. They will all be posted on instagram so you can follow along. We will update the blog every now and then to keep you up to date too!

Why do a design challenge?

You may be wondering about this, but it’s something we’ve always found helps our creative process.
The more you create the more creative you become. 

01// It gets those creative juices flowing that then lend themselves to other projects. 

02// It breaks up an admin day when we’ve got our heads stuck in spreadsheets and taxes. 

03// We come across inspiration we may never have seen doing our normal projects. 

04// They let us push our ideas further without boundaries.

05// It’s a fantastic tool to help develop both new and old skills.


The logos


If you find yourself indeed of a logo and brand identity and like what you see, get in touch and we can discuss what you need and bring your brand to life. We will send you our handy brand questionnaire to help dive into what your business is, who you lovely customers are and what you want to achieve, so we can develop your brand identity off the back of a solid strategy. We can help you create the brand of your dreams.

Written by Briony