A GREAT Guide To Writing A Brief

It’s hard to know what to think about when approaching a designer, you know what you want but it’s in your head and can be frustrating to showcase that on paper. Valuable time can be saved in the design process through the right planning. I was going to say detailed planning but it doesn’t have to be long just quick points. 

I know people don’t have time to read alot so here are our GREAT points.


Allow time to think about the project. You never know something might give you inspiration.


Insight is king talk to people involved in your business what they think you might uncover a moment of genius.


Provide examples and inspiration of what you mean, keep all points simple and clear. 


What do you want the customer to feel after engaging with the finished project? Do you know how will you track its success?


Make the designer aware of key dates, give a clear timeline of when you need things done by.

If anything does peak your interest more details below.

Brief creator


Answers, solutions or ideas don’t always come to you straight away. So often we get people rushing into an idea, then coming back with a completely different mindset. Which is completely fine, it’s a part of the creative process maybe you wouldn’t of got there without the designer or the work that was done. Give yourself some thinking time while writing the brief.



So often I have worked within a company and ideas have come from the top, without any insight from the customers who use the product or the staff that interact with the customers, provide the service or build the product. Insight is king, landscape artist can replicate the beauty of their work without looking at the inspiration. Gather as much as you can, get your proof that you need so you know it’s the right thing to do. You don’t have to stick it likes it’s the holy bible but you never knew something might keep repeating or something might spark a genius thought.



Creating artwork process can vary depending on the type of client you are or they type of designer you have. It’s so easy to waffle on when explaining what you need. Pictures speaks a thousand words but clear examples with annotations speaks a thousand words plus how many you’ve wrote. Good mood boards put designers in good moods be clear with what you say to go with them. Sure the designers will do there own research but I can’t explain to you how much easier when the clients got images of what they like and don’t like. Obviously we can do that for you but adds time to the process. Also ensure you don’t contradict yourself without explaining why look back on what you have written and check. I like this font because it’s easy to read but I also like this completely different font because it confers fun.



Who are your audience? Knowing the audience is the most important aspect but the word great doesn’t start with an ‘A’. Always remember that the design is not for you it’s for your audience. What do you want the audience to feel after they engage with the finish project? This could be confident enough to know you are the solution to a problem, guilt tripped into donating money to a good cause or excited to go visit somewhere. The possible outcomes are endless but so are the aspects it affects the project; such as the layout of the design, the tone of voice, the colour scheme, images used and many more. 



Think about what time you have, is there people you need to show for approval? What are their schedules like? Approval processes can be very frustrating. Make sure designers know your approval process, we like to provide sections in stages so as they are waiting for one part to be seen, we can work on something else. Be as clear as with what your situation is, it’s great see prototypes or rough designs. Breakdown the timeline, I need this for the meeting and then 3 days for feedback to have sign off by Christmas Eve. Things do change and most designers are ready for that.


Create your own brief

Please don’t go away thinking you need to have the final decision on any of these points. At Emerald Grove Creative Studio, we have everything you need to build the plan. Get in touch and we can work with you in creating something to boost sales and awareness. It’s always better to be prepared for them questions with considered answers. If you want to see more, download our Brief Creator.

Written by Danny

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