Studio vs Agency:
The Creative and Goliath Story

This is the very first blog I have written and from experience blogs can witter on… For example most blogs and articles usually repeat the same thing in the first two paragraphs. So I will keep this short and sweet, streamlining the important information, getting the job done fast and effectively (just like our service, I promise no more plugging until the end now).
As most blogs and articles usually repeat the same thing in the first two paragraphs, we shall get on with it and start with explaining what I mean by a studio and an agency. 
What is a Creative Studio
A studio to me is a tight knit team of creatives, that let their work and performance do the talking. Emerald Grove Studio consists of Briony, Jerry and myself (Danny), plus a vast list of talented freelancers who we call on for their specialist skills. Briony is both my business and personal partner, who’s eye for detail still impresses me to this day. Jerry is our rock, he is the golden cocker spaniel that with a blank stare can convince you to give him some tuna in seconds. Find out more about us in the (cleverly named) about us page.
What is an Agency
An agency is often a large business that has many creatives on their wage bill. They work with many clients and communication is usually controlled by an account manager who shuffles between the client and creative. You often find agencies in a huge city centre office with poor parking, yoga balls for chairs and fuss ball tables that are gathering dust in the corner. Agencies love following trends, blurting out the latest buzz words and having you pay for all that.
Personal service
Don’t get me wrong you can get some amazing account managers in agencies, but most of the time they are missing that knowledge of the job and “I’ll confirm with the designers” is a popular reply, wasting valuable time and money. 
With our studio you are talking directly with the creatives cutting out the middle man and getting information from the source with no chance of anything being lost in translation. Our team varies in style, insight, taste and skill, giving you options from different perspectives to get the most out of a project.
Fast and efficient response
Projects can drag on for weeks and months with little amendments here and there adding unnecessary time. We can provide you a reactive service that provides haste without hindering quality. Our small team pride ourselves on having you as a client, while to many agencies you are just a job to make the day go by. To us, any task you have is as important as the last, as everyone involved has a passion for what they are doing and we care about you and your business.
Supporting our environment
We have no gimmicks or unnecessary overheads and to get a fresh perspective we take our old pal Jerry for a walk. Our collaborators are freelance so we don’t need to cover the wage bill by hiking up the costs. As well as no gimmicks we donate a portion of our profits to planting trees so you will be contributing to helping the environment by just receiving a service you already wanted. 
I won’t ramble on anymore, I really appreciate you reading my blog where I ‘subtly’ put down our competition. As a thank you, if you mention that you have read this blog Creative vs Goliath you will get a free hour on jobs over five hours. 
Written by Danny