2019 in review

We’ve had a busy year working on so many projects with some amazing clients whilst getting ready to launch Emerald Grove Studio. Now we are finally launching we decided to take a look back on some of our favourite projects of 2019 and think about what the next year (and decade) may bring us.

#1 Chorrito Hot Sauce


We loved working on the packaging for this handcrafted artisan hot sauce made and sourced in the United Kingdom. The team at Chorrito love playing with flavours and creating unique recipes, so we worked with them to create something modern but inspired by traditional Mexican folk art to reflect the sauce itself. 

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#2 Douro Steak House


Douro was a concept project for us; inspired by our love of Portugal we wanted to explore pattern and colour to create a bold, refined brand for a restaurant and wine bar. If we could have a bucket list for design work this kind of project is definitely on our list for 2020!

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#3 You Are Yoga

you are yoga

We worked on this yoga brand late in 2019 and put a lot of symbolism into the logo to create an icon that sums up the ethos of this company.

We used the sacred geometry of the Sri Yantra as a base for the icon which represents the union of feminine and masculine energy. We then added the Triple Goddess symbol, depicted by 3 moons and representing:
The Maiden – the crescent moon reflecting innocence, self-expression and empowerment.
The Mother – the full moon reflecting nurturing and fullness of life.
The Crone – the darker side of the moon reflecting transformation and guidance.

We then added aspects of the moons to the typography, so when used as a stand alone word mark it still carried the deeper meaning hidden in the logo.

#4 Little Book Of Gin

Little book of gin

We do love creating brochures here in the studio, and this is one of our favourites of 2019. We also created a Christmas brochure in the same style but as gin is one of our favourite things, we just had to include this one for you to see. We had so much fun trying out the recipes and cocktails in this little book!

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#5 Emerald Grove Studio

And lastly the project we have spent years thinking about and 2019 was the year we made it happen, our very own Emerald Grove Studio ready to help your business and brand grow. We are super excited to start the new decade with a project so close to our hearts and cannot wait to work with you to make your dreams come to life.

We are very excited and proud that with the launch of the studio we are also introducing a new tree planting scheme to help the planet and aid both our business and yours, on its way to being carbon neutral. On the next blog we will share more about our tree planting initiative.

If you want to learn a bit more about us and what we do, why not take a quick peek here.

Written by Briony